As demand for care homes, nursing homes and hospices expands, owners and managers face a dual challenge. They need to provide buildings that are cost-efficient to construct and sustainable to run; at the same time, those buildings must offer a climate of support for residents or patients and their friends and relatives.


Securing good outcomes, in terms of both financial viability and quality of care, calls for specialist understanding. By combining intelligent architectural and engineering design with innovative construction methods, we can deliver the full potential of every project.

A major challenge of most projects is that construction work has to take place while the client has to continue to provide services to patients and their visitors throughout. We like to keep in close touch with our clients throughout all the build phases. We let them know that everything is on track as per the build programme so that they can feel reassured and go about their everyday lives without having to worry about the project in hand.

When Bequest Projects won the tender to carry out our brief, they were presented with an unenviable challenge. We wanted a build that went to time, on budget and of excellent quality but we also wanted to remain open and operational throughout and that meant we needed all of the contractors to show a great deal of sensitivity and respect to our patients, their families and our staff and volunteers. Without exception they all did that.

Charlotte Marsh, Little Hays, Winchester

Our seamless approach to design, preconstruction and construction and our experience of working in operational environments means that we are able to give full consideration to the ongoing needs of patients, their families, staff and volunteers. 

Our Residential Healthcare team pays constant attention to quality of materials and workmanship  which ensures that the final result meets or exceeds every expectation, down to the finishes, furnishing, and interior décor. This gives our clients real certainty of outcome, from start to finish.