Bequest Projects is a full-service construction company delivering high end heritage conservation, luxury residential and residential healthcare projects.

Our business encompasses new build, refurbishment and fit-out. Based in Farnham, Surrey we work across London, the South and South East of England. Every project is approached with excitement and enthusiasm. We continually seek new ways to educate ourselves in new products, innovative materials, traditional construction techniques and the latest building technologies.

Our approach is one of collaboration, working seamlessly with clients, architects, engineers, planning officials and other contractors to deliver a top-quality end result.

Our goal is to achieve the optimum use of allocated funds, to create the best possible building for its occupants. By collaborating closely with our clients and developing creative, thoughtful construction solutions, we find ways to deliver the outcome you need within the budget you set.


We are committed to delivering quality and integrity in every project and task we take on.

Our team of project managers and specialist trades, is dedicated to your best interests. Having worked together over the past 10 years, with many clients on a variety of projects, we have turned their dreams into reality. No matter the age of a building or the complexity of build development – we are a team proven to deliver.


Each member of our team comes with a unique set of skills and together, we create buildings that stand out from the rest while fitting in harmoniously and beautifully.


To get projects completed to your deadline or other limited time frames, we pay meticulous attention to strategic planning and to the vital pre-construction stage. This ensures that every project ‘hits the ground running’, the right resources are in place for every phase, and nothing is overlooked. 


Bequest Projects works in many sensitive environments. To protect clients and staff from any impact, we plan the work to suit the project’s operations, develop detailed phasing programmes, exercise tight progress control and maintain constant communication with all involved.


Our health and safety management systems are structured to ensure that a thorough assessment is made of all reasonably foreseeable risks to our own employees, our client’s employees and those working around us.